SD #23 FFA 1v1 Recap

Hello friends, I am just writing this article straight after the tournament got finished, and to be honest with you guys, I am still feeling excited, thrilled and amazing about it.

After the previous effic tournament, which was a huge success, we had another really good tournament.

This tournament had many good performances from a lot of players. It had one of the most exciting ffa finals ever, the like which I personally had never seen before. The final was played between Honzik and Redon. No big surprises here as Redon is a well-known ffa player and also Honzik is a very competitive ffa player. The thing that made these finals one of the most amazing ones is the level of ffa play. Both players have shown great skill.

So, in the final the first choice was from Redon who picked metl4 which I feel is one of his favourite maps. A very strategic choice of him, as he wanted to have the advantage from the get-go, BUT he didn’t take into account Honzik‘s BOLD play. Honzik had a pretty good start in the game. In the first 3 minutes he was the boss of the game. The score was 16-4 and as a Redon fan I was starting to feel worried. I have to mention here that Honzik had a very scary machinegun in those final games. That machinegun helped him a lot to win his fights. The problem in that moment was that Honzik got a lot of damage and, as always, a quad is enough to make things more spicy. Redon then had a very good comeback. He really showed that he is not one of the most successful ffa players for nothing. He had a good run until the scoreline was at 26-16, but again Honzik hadn’t spoken his last word yet. He made a comeback and the score was 28-27 in Redon‘s favor, with honzik having a quad and few seconds left. Thankfully for him, he managed to tie the game and go to overtime. There a quadrun was enough to give the victory to Redon. A very sick match with back and forward which I could talk all day about it.

The second game was Honzik‘s turn to pick a map and much to everyone’s surprise(?) he picked metl2, thinking he could tie the games and go for a third round. Unfortunately for him Redon had a very strong start. He didn’t give a chance to Honzik to execute his game. He controlled the map and the power-ups from the very start. Another problem with Honzik‘s play, in my opinion, was the yellow timing. There were moments where the yellow was available, he had the perfect spawn, but he wanted to push instead of securing the armor. That landed Redon quite a few pickups. Again, Honzik wasn’t ready to give up yet. At 4 minutes left he pulled off one of the most productive quadruns I have ever seen. He managed to close the big gap but unfortunately his yellow armor play didn’t help him at all. This had a result of Redon winning the second round and I think his 7th ffa title. Huge congrats to him.

But here I also wanted to mention a few great performances from other players. Personally, if you had asked me who I thought would be the final pair I would have said Lokio and Redon. Not because Honzik wasn’t capable of it, but I knew that Lokio trained for a lot for the tournament in the last couple of days. He had an amazing tournament performance but not enough to make the difference. He beat Honzik on corruption by 46-5, which to me made clear that he really wanted that title. On his way there he had to play against Redon. For many players that was an early final. The map choice was paradigm. A newly-added ffa map which was a truly interesting option. For the first minutes the game was really close. None of those players had a clear control. Every time someone was able to do something good the other was taking back with amazing performance. Sadly for Lokio I believe he started feeling stressed. In the long run he wasn’t able to keep up with Redon. For some reason this defeat in my opinion affected him in the losers bracket final against Honzik again. Even tough he beat him previously, Honzik was the one who went to the final. Maybe also because of the map choice, nmp8 which was an interesting one as both players are not a huge of the map.

I also wanted to mention the great performance of h8. He has been training a lot for the last 2 months and his ffa skills have increased a lot. A huge bravo for him. He managed to win Raffael who due to his lack of training didn’t have the expected performance.

Finally, the big prize of the tournament – the 20 euro steam card – was raffled to Honzik. A fair outcome in my opinion because I believe he deserved it for his performance. The tournament was a very smooth one. A huge thanks to Origin, Frosty and everyone else for the setup. Also, a big thank you to notas for his entertaining stream which I recommend everyone to watch it again.

That’s it friends, I hope you all enjoyed that tournament as much as I did.

FairPlay of the day: Master. He suicided during his game with friend Krakovic because he was lagging. This had him lose map control and the game itself.

P.S Forgive me for my grammar mistakes.



  1. h8

    Decent article, covers everything important. I miss toph’s writing though. Since he’s written a few, he’s actually gotten pretty good at covering these events.


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