SauerCom Effic 1v1 Summer League: Signups Open

In an attempt to incite the competitive spirit in our community anew, we have decided to run (a) ladder(s)!

The last couple of experiments with ladders did not work out all that well, but don’t be a sad panda now. This time things will be handled differently.

How it’s going to work

In order to keep the ladder short and concise, we will limit the participants per ladder to a maximum of 8.

If we get more than the abovementioned number (8) of applications for spots in the ladder, we’re gonna try to divide the participants into 2 sections according to their skill level & personal preference, so-called “divisions”.

With 1 matchday per week, 16 participants would then implicate 2 divisions à 8 players, which would take 7 weeks instead of 15!

The mode will be effic 1v1.
The format will be “round robin“. That means you play once against everyone in the ladder.
The matches will be played best-of-3.

Map Pool: turbine – ot – memento – academy – frozen
Picking: A vetoes one map – B vetoes one map – A picks one map – B picks one map – last map unless it’s 2-0 already

Win / Tie / Loss = 3 / 1 / 0 Point(s)
Note: Ties are possible! 60-60; 51-50; 30-40 –> Tie, both players get 1 point

There will be one matchday per week.
The matchups will be announced on Monday and will have to be played by Sunday.
You are free to play your match whenever you want to within that time frame.

What to consider before signing up

If you are particularly busy in a certain week, you can hit up your opponent and arrange for the game to be postponed. This, however, should be an exception to the rule.

If you don’t think you can usually play 1 match per week for 7 consecutive weeks, then please don’t sign up. The one thing that really hurts the enjoyment of ladders is people who sign up but then drop out after 2 matchdays. We want to avoid that.

How to sign up

Query ‘SauerCom’ on (#sauercom)
Let us know if you’d rather play in Division 1 or Division 2 (in case we divide the participants into two divisions according to their skill / preference).



  1. Anonymous

    If only it was 5 or 6 weeks :( I&#39;ll be inactive by the last two weeks and won&#39;t be able to play those matches so I guess I can&#39;t sign up &gt;:( <br /><br />To everyone else, good luck and have fun!

  2. Anonymous

    ATTENTION: NEW RULE!<br /><br />Acuerta and brownie cannot play in this so its fair! :D <br /><br />Have fun everyone looking forward to it!


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