Sauer under attack

Here’s a quick wrap-up of recent incidents:

Last weekend, the SWL admins decided to give it one more try and planned to stage an event on sunday.
A couple of minutes into the swl sunday, the server was being attacked though, (presumably) again by the same guy that had already disrupted the games this spring.
This botnet attack brought the swl server to its knees and eventually all games had to be cancelled. (Source)

The culprit then supposedly started ddos’ing, effectively bringing down Sauerbraten’s homepage and everything related to it (master server, authkey system, cubeengine forums etc.).
It is unknown whether the ddos attack is ongoing.
As of now, the Sauerbraten server is still down as the server company is unwilling to take the risk of being ddos’ed again.

Currently we’re trying to get a hold of the attacker to shed some light on the matter and hear his side of the story.

The details of the above mentioned events are rather foggy, so if you know more about it or want any information to be corrected, query ‘sauercom’ on irc.

This all sounds pretty depressing, however, there are also good news.
mefisto sent out this mail today:

“I know that many of you have been involved in the SWL tournament, and know about the DDOS attacks that targeted both the game servers and the Sauerbraten master server and website. I want to say that I am not going to let these events discourage me from moving forward with SDoS. I still believe in this community, and everyone who is involved in SDoS is committed to running a great, fun tournament.Thanks everyone for your interest, for supporting us, and continuing to believe in Sauerbraten. Please feel free to email me at anytime at [email protected] or to visit us on IRC in the #sdos channel on Gamesurge.”



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