General Websites

Tournament Websites

IRC Channels

(all channels are on unless mentioned otherwise)

Mumble / Teamspeak Servers


  • Nooblounge  – (default port)
  • !s  – (default port)


  • rC –


Custom Clients

        • Community Edition
          Builds on pisto’s sdl2 client and adds a lot of userfriendly features especially gameplay-wise.
        • Pisto’s SDoS Test Client
          Uses sdl2 instead of sdl1.2, comes with a lot of functionality that improves performance and input.
        • WC-NG
          Builds on the original WC (r931) and comes with new features including global chat, enhanced scoreboard and more.
        • Extra-a SDL2 Client
          SDL2 client with additional options and hud features
        • Wahnclient
          Modified client that comes with an extensive range of extra features.
        • SuperSauer
          Modified client which is much more customizable and powerful than just the plain original Sauerbraten.


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