Reminder: SSL #1 Instagib Tournament

This sunday, as announced, the first tournament organized by the team of Super Sauer League is taking place.
If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still do so now (IRC: #supersauerleague): The sooner, the better!
The live-updated single elimination bracket can be found on Challonge.

For all the matches, there will be four servers distributed over two continents.
European Servers: /connect (28785), 20000
American Servers: /connect (28785), 20000

By now the date, 22 February, should be clear to everyone, so let’s come to the most important part: The times!

US West (PST/UTC-8): 9am
US East (EST/UTC-5): 12pm
Western Europe (GMT/UTC): 5pm (e.g. UK)
Central Europe (CET/UTC+1): 6pm (e.g. Germany, France)

If you still don’t know when to be where, use a timezone world map and ask your admin or referee.


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