Q&A #10 – What past or present clan (other than your own) do you most respect and why?

In the last Q&A we asked players how they feel about their clans. In this edition of our Q&A series (sorry for the wait!) we asked certain players what clan they had the most respect for besides their current one.


Here are their responses:


<Drakas> I wouldn’t be in Woop if I said any specific clan :D

<Nighty> has to be FD, thats where it all started. With hades, sativa, jay, and i, those were greatest times ever

<Hutch> DM, despite having many inactive players they still have a core group of players who are respected in the community and seem to be great friends

<Joran> w00p. it’s one of the first clans and it’s still so active, you know. like sp4nk, rb are all just poorly active but w00p is still there, all playing tournaments and shit

<Papriko> I guess cm. they make fucking impressive maps, the level of detail is just FPS-killing-high

<DAI> The clan I respect is RB. There is a lot of reasons but the main one is that they are making sauerbraten more popular among russian-speaking players. They also gives a great tips & tricks for the new players on their website, which may really help newbies. They are also friendly clan with a nice members and a great skilled players. I wish them best luck

<Shinnok> I think respect RB the most. degrave is a leader who never gives up on his clan.

<FrozenRain> pWn, because they were the first true clan i ever encountered on Sauerbraten. I made a lot of friends there and we had a lot of fun messing around doing ogro towers or doing race maps. All the flag runs that JIMBANE did, learning more about sauerbraten, I was probably one of the main reasons I actually stuck around sauer for as long as I have. The sole reason of making friends. I’m still in contact with most of their members.


It’s nice to see that a lot of players have some love for other clans and not just their own. Feel free to share your own answer by dropping a comment in the section below!




  1. star

    definitely has to be: .at0m
    although Markku is a dick, he did a very fine job, raising utter noobs to very skilled and competitive players. Sadly, him leaving .at0m meant the death for the clan he left behind, as well as the one he joined. As I told him back in the days, he left a perfect functioning team for guys he is hanging out with (on mumble) anyway.

    Big respect to the old .at0m team: Markku, jawer_gamer, just, F.E.A.R, afro, and the rest i forgot, except Boomerang and hadopi, you can go and fuck yourselves

  2. Walker

    Definitely vaQ’ my former clan.
    Altough just one player of the team i joined when i became a vulture is still active, i respect them for keeping the team always on a high competetive level and free of retarded nubs (besides fear, but this was also my fault back in the days).
    After reading Stars comment i would like to mention that BoB, which started as a super nubish clan also brought out some realy good players, the best ofc is wtf_ <3

  3. Agalloch

    Only ]RS[. I know i could mention many old good clans, Icc, at0m /with Deluxe /, vaQ, TC, for me its ]RS[.

    It was nooby clan of me and Laser. Even we had a lot of troubles, we found and recruited players like Potato_chip, lagout, Marietto. If i look now at sauer and see these guys, i am proud. Lagout is now w00p, Marietto was in ICC and now !s], and Potato is the best effic player now and helped to win some tournys.

  4. bandandit

    It’s a really hard question. There have been some really great clans in both past and present that have had great success in what they do. But for me I think it would either have to be tBMC and noVI. tBMC plays for the simple fun of it all and there isn’t a blue monkey who you don’t like! noVI has always been consistent with both their level of skill and respectfulness. If I weren’t an evil red monkey 4 life, I would certainly apply to either of these clans!

  5. swatllama

    Hm? My comment didn’t get published…
    Since I can’t pick [tBMC] although they clearly should be the most respected by everyone, just by my membership alone, I’d probably go with |DM|. They’ve had a very strong history, and right now, they have some really good players and level headed guys, like bandandit, Lokio, Snowleopard, and baboo.
    Could also say QS, but haven’t really seen them too active in years. Some really good guys there too.

  6. DAI

    I disagree with you Frosty. Yeah, oo made all these great and amazing stuff, but the community is very old, and when last time when I was talking to zero he was ‘thinking’ if he will close oo / psl. They had so long path from 2006 to 2015… man.. it is fucking 10 years! In these 10 years, they improved sauerbraten, hosted tournaments, made clients, made servers, etc, but I think their time has come. Just look at Justice Edition PSL activity and look at Collect Edition PSL activity, and you will see a very big difference, because they are tired to manage and promote PSL as they did before, so they just keep these servers but as you can see they are slowly dying. However, I think that’s how upcoming communities should work and looks like. I’d take Ogros as the great example of how community should looks like. So I just wish them best luck and new communities too.

    Sincerely yours,


  7. star

    I have nothing but disrespect for the oo| clan. They were since day1 the biggest retards of them all. greetings fly out to zero and his vanished brain!

  8. Fatality

    It’s hard to say I respect any clan as whole because there is always that one retard who ruins it. With the exception of a few, I’d probably say w00p. Drakas, lagout, fox, wtf, and probably some old guys that were around before my time disprove the common notion that level of skill is relative to level of dickishness.

    Also probably oG, they are just a great group of guys


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