Interview with ConMan

America put a man on the moon. Sauerbraten put a man in QuakeCon. Here’s his interview.

Last sunday, you became runner-up in the first SDoS insta event. A lot of people who are rather new to sauer don’t even know you though.
Can you briefly give us an introduction to who ConMan is?


Site updates

There have been several updates to the site recently.

  • Sidebar on the right now contains some more useful information
  • Important websites (Sauerbraten, SDoS, SWL)
  • Link to connect to #cube2 , the #1 community irc channel
  • Connect strings for popular match servers

    Day of Sobriety I


    The modes featured in SDoS will be:

    • insta 1v1
    • teamplay 2v2
    • efficctf 3v3

    Looking for a team?

    The signups aren’t open yet, but if you want to look for other players to team up with we have created this pad for you.
    Feel free to enlist there and make it known that you’re willing to join other players for SDoS!


    Sauer under attack


    Last weekend, the SWL admins decided to give it one more try and planned to stage an event on sunday.
    A couple of minutes into the swl sunday, the server was being attacked though, (presumably) again by the same guy that had already disrupted the games this spring.
    This botnet attack brought the swl server to its knees and eventually all games had to be cancelled. (Source)