Recent Clan Activity

As of late, there have been a few transfers:

Honzik, one of the game’s most successful players (12 PSL titles / 8 SWL titles) joined the ‘impressive Squad‘! (Source)
“I just came to Sauer to have some fun. I am not going to play as seriously as before, because it wasn’t much fun for me. Now I enjoy every game even if I lose. I like competing against other clans. So I chose !s because people there seem to be cool, I had no problem with anyone of them in the past, so it made my choice easier. I came back to Sauer because there are new tournaments, and without tournaments the game is dead for me.” (quote Honzik1)


New Clan .rC|

“As of the 23rd November 2013, the Rising Cubers have officially decided to expand into Cube 2: Sauerbraten.

AC members Marti and Vanquish decided to launch the project along with AC ex-member yopa. Both Marti and yopa have had previous experience in the Band of Brothers clan, while Vanquish comes from the Makes you Sick (Sauerbraten) clan. They are opening recruitment for active and friendly people of all skill ranges, so do not hesitate to apply if you’re an active and keen Sauerbraten player.” [source] READ MORE

Interview with ConMan

America put a man on the moon. Sauerbraten put a man in QuakeCon. Here’s his interview.

Last sunday, you became runner-up in the first SDoS insta event. A lot of people who are rather new to sauer don’t even know you though.
Can you briefly give us an introduction to who ConMan is?