!sL Results

… despite the late announcement it has been a quite successful tournament, quite a few clans and players turned up. Here are the results:

Congrats to !s] and potato and big thanks to obst, swat and potato for organizing this.


Release of Sauerworld Mappack

Update #2: Fixed some more texture errors, newest version is now: swmaps-23Oct2016.zip

For those who are fed up with the forge,reissen,dust2 cycle, we’ve compiled a map pack of the most recent maps we could find. It includes next to the maps which are included into the SVN repository many more, which we think can bring new excitement to the evening mix games and clan wars.


More SauerLeague

Thanks to all the participated the past 2 weekends, it was a great turnout for the community. Congratulations to Honzik1 and RB for winning effic and eCTF respectively. The next events will be the next two sundays (Oct. 23, Oct. 30). The modes will be ffa and eCTF, and will both again start at 5:30PM (CET), keep in mind there is a time change for some on the 30th, so please make sure you show up on time dammit. If you have any questions and concerns you can always talk to me, as I have the answers.