5 Reasons Why Sauerbraten Is Dying

[This is a¬†commentary based purely on the author’s personal opinion.]

We all know Sauerbraten isn’t really dead – after all, there were quite a few participants in last week’s tournament – but the overall downward trend is obvious. Many times I have seen people put forward their ideas as to why our beloved game is in such a sorry state, so I compiled my own list.


Scrooge McDuck: gaming 101

People keep asking me for advice on how to get good, and while there is a lot to getting good (and most of it involves practice) I always first ask about gear. Just like you wouldn’t try to paint a portrait with a paint roller, you need a bare minimum of decent gear to get good at an arena FPS. Somehow, no one ever wants to spend any money, because its a ‘hobby,’ and yet everyone wants ‘serious’ advice to get good... But I’ve been there, and I have the answer! With a very small investment you can put together a setup that won’t hold you back.