Obst’s Mystery Fruit Basket Feast (!sL)


Deep in the dark woods of the lost knowledge, there lives a little Riegel together with his mildly notable friends. One boring day, the little Riegel decided to organize a feast of some Sauerbraten and he dreamed about entertaining all his mildly notable friends, as well as all the other creepers, vultures, p00pies and redskins from the entire forest!

He decided not to sent out invitations, but instead he spread the word via the Great Vine so everyone was interested what this mystery feast would look like and when this was going to take place. All he mentioned was a date! 8th of January 2017! Rumors spread quickly, but not even the wise vultures knew all the details. They decided to collect them anyway:

  • Sometime: 5pm CET
  • Somewhere: The !mpressive Sauer servers announced somewhere
  • Somehow: Quite like the old tournaments there will be a seeding round (ALL vs ALL), resulting in hopefully 4 teams respectively 8 players, fighting for a Title, that has to be defended the next month.
  • Somewhat: effic 1v1 & efficctf 3v3
  • Somewhy: Because Sauerbraten.
  • Somewho: Obstriegel, potato and swattlellelelelellamer
  • Sometalk: IRC channel #!sL , discord: https://discord.gg/mAF92
  • SomeMo: clans can bring more than one team, mix teams allowed

So everyone be prepared to start the hunt for the most prominent places at Obst’s big, fat dinner table!

In any case, we’ll update you in #sauercom or you can just go and write obst annoying messages via discord or irc. (please do, he has to answer eventually to one of you!)

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