New FFA king (SauerDuels #29)

Hello friends! I am so excited at this time when I write this review about the latest SauerDuel tournament. So many cool things happened and those make me feel hyper. As you probably already understand we had an amazing sauer weekend. This time, even though the big names weren’t there, the participation was really good. The hype was high before the tournament. The amount of FFA duels played prior to the tournament was on phenomenal levels. We also had a new participant, Bear’s who i would like to welcome him into the competitive side. Gangler also joined the FFA fun and personally I was surprised by it.

The tournament had the usual format: Best of one where the players veto the maps in order to decide which one they will play. Also we had winner and loser bracket. If you lose one game then you had a chance to reach the finals through loser bracket. On the first round we had Rotti beating Degrave on paradigm. Master won against Tay on corruption. That was the most interesting game of the first round. I definitely recommend watching the demo. Galaxy had an easy day against fixxer and Gangler beat me on metl4. Raffael, whom I assumed wanted to win the title, beat tamino and h8 won against Bears. Not many surprises there.

On the first loser round then Tay and Tamino won easily against bears and fixxer. At the same time on round 2 we had some interesting games. Raffael against h8. Raffael lost to h8 on corruption last tournament and he wanted revenge this time. Everyone else wanted to see if h8 could keep it up. The map was hades. A very strange choice in my opinion as I think both players don’t really like this map. Raffael, temporally got the revenge he wanted. He won by 5 frags difference. Which I think it’s not a big one and it showed that h8 could possible do more. At the same time Frosty played against Gangler who has a ridiculous aim but in my opinion his strategy level wasn’t here yet. They also played on hades but Frosty won. On a different server Lokio had an easy game against Rotti and Master beat Galaxy on npm8 who I think had a bit of rage.

On the next loser round I had to play with galaxy and I felt his furious aim. Rotti at the same time won against tamino and h8 against degrave. Gangler had to face Tay who tried his best but Gangler aim was superior. Moving to round 3 Lokio won easily against master on metl3. I played against master on metl3 before the tournament and I got rekt. I expected him to do a bit better on that game. On the other side Lokio aimed high so no surprise there. The most amazing game was Frosty vs Raffael on hades. Raffael had the control of the game for the most part of it. Frosty never gave up. He managed bit by bit to reduce the difference and take the lead on the last minute. Even Raffael got the last quad, he couldn’t find Frosty who hide in the pipes. Smart and risky move at the same time, but you have to risk it for the biscuit.

On the loser bracket the h8 and Raffael won their opponents until they met each other again. The map choice was corruption and that brought some memories. Raffael had the lead on the game as he did with Frosty, but also h8 was patient. He managed to win the game and reach the loser bracket final. By doing this he was a bronze star. Here is a picture which prove it.

On the actual semi finals or the little finals I would say, Lokio had to face Frosty on metl4. I have seem both get trained before the tournament on that map and I couldn’t predict the winner. Lokio, was on fire and he manage to win the game and move into the final. After Frosty lose, he had to face h8 on paradigm . It was probably a bluff from h8 who I think didn’t know that map. Frosty was always on time for yellow and the only thing could stop him was the suicides. Long story short, h8 forfeit because he didn’t know the map very well. Shame, because he had an amazing performance in general.


On the actual final we had to watch one of the most exciting, amazing games. That was on the first round where Frosty and Lokio played on corruption. Frosty seemed to had an easy game. Two minutes before the end I thought that Lokio was done, but NO. He managed to win the game by doing an amazing kill streak. Poor Frosty couldn’t resist against it. On the second round Frosty had a change to take revenge. Last defeat didn’t affect him and he won on metl3. On the third and final round Lokio won the game on paradigm. It wasn’t excited game as the previous one but it gave Lokio his first title. I know he wanted a lot, I know he trained a lot and he definitely deserve it. A big bravo to friendLokio.

Personally I had plenty of fun. For the first time I actually trained myself. I had plenty of ffa duels before and even if I lost my games, I felt for the first time that I have control. I knew what is going on and I knew what my next move should be. I will definitely try my best next time. At this time I have to mention the best players in my opinion. Those are h8 for winning his first bronze star. I know he has trained a lot and he definitely deserved it. Next is Frosty, I know he is a very good ffa player but I think he tried a lot and he deserve a bravo. Finally is Lokio who I wanted to win the tournament and he did it. Furthermore I would like to thank Origin for his set up work and notas for this stream.

Next Sauer duels even will be insta. Communities favorite and I hope I will see you there. There is rumor for team tournament soon but I can’t confirm. That ‘s it friends, Please leave a comment and tell me if you liked the tournament of not, and if you wait for the next one.


Insta Tournament



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