Moments of Glory #6 – The Winners & Submissions Open for MoG #8

After 111 votes, we are closing the poll for MoG #6. The results were pretty close this time, but the winners are clear nevertheless:

  1. Acuerta got 29 votes for his pentakill – 26%
  2. Fear got 27 votes for his rocket skill/luck – 24%
  3. Papst got 23 votes for his liberating flag save by free fall rifle – 21%

Since we already had a lot of submissions shortly after publishing the MoG #6 video, we decided to bring you the 7th episode tonight! In consequence, we had to close the submissions for MoG #7 two days ago and are now accepting submissions for Moments of Glory #8.

To submit a demo, use this forum thread please.


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