16 thoughts to “Moments of Glory #13”

  1. Big thanks to Acuerta for making the video, although there weren’t any quality moments of anything…

    Last scene is the best! Feel the vulturing!

      1. I guess you posted something stupid and the admins edited it to be accurate?
        I do want to know what he said, though.

  2. Hot reporter, name?
    Nice editing, Acuerta, and you didn’t use full on texreduce either! AND IT LOOKED GREAT. Did you just put a filter on all the textures, like with the 2014 year in review vid?

    1. Yeah, exactly. I had this texture package floating around on my hd and thought it was finally time to put it to use. Unfortunately, I don’t really remember what parameters I used.

  3. Not sure if Acuerta fragmovie or moments of glory ;). Awesome work though! Loved the look of the editing and the game despite the mostly average luck-based moments. I’ve got plenty of clips to be sending for the next one ;) Feeling motivated after seeing that they’re still being made.

    Thank youuuuu!!!!!!

  4. Everytime I play mix and get close to scoring a flag, someone kills me with a skillshot like that.
    H8 it. And the modding looks beautiful.

  5. Just out of curiousity, but why use only half my name? Still, ’tis a good video.
    Especially with the last scene. lol

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