[How to] install spaghetti mod on debian 8

Although not meant for the average, noob clan-server admin, Pisto’s spaghettimod is becoming more and more popular. It’s no secret that next to pisto’s own server, two of the most popular servers DEMOPHOBIA and :: pastaland :: runs this mod. So lets install it!

Once again, be warned:

Quote pisto: It is not for clan leaders who just want a personalized (read, custom message color or little more) server.

Okay, so this isn’t as trivial as one might think. I’ve run into some issues before, where the thrown errors are a bit misleading, so this is why i take the time to write a short how to:
(I recommend doing all the following commands in a seperate directory, respectively the created subdirectories)

  • Obviously start with getting spaghetti mod:
    • git clone https://github.com/pisto/spaghettimod.git
  • And because debian is somewhat retarded:
  • Also get pisto’s mmdb api for lua:
    • git clone https://github.com/pisto/mmdblua
    • and install it wth luarocks-5.2: luarocks-5.2 install mmdblua-scm-0.rockspec
  • Now install all lua dependencies:
    • luarocks-5.2 install struct
    • luarocks-5.2 install uuid
    • luarocks-5.2 install luasocket
    • luarocks-5.2 install dkjson
  • That’s it, as a last step, you can check if everything works with:
    •  PISTOVPS=true ./sauer_server

      (note this is just for testing and before you execute this command, you should edit the servername in script/load.d/1000-sample-config.lua)

From here on you are on your own! You can just use the sample config to start your own rugby server, or you can get all retarded and create your own lua mods.

Note again: this howto is particularly for debian 8. It might work with other systems, but some of the commands are debian specific and might then be replaced.
I expect you know what you are doing, otherwise, you belong to the noob clan-server admins addressed above!



On ubuntu don’t forget to install liblua-dev:

  • apt-get install liblua-dev

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