Thanks to Honzik1, obstriegel, and pisto, we have a new place to practice our flagruns. They currently are hosting three servers which will record your flagrun times with demos, accounts, and a ranking system, and more. Read the summary below or be sure to check out their website.


  • On the servers you can competitively do flagruns without getting annoyed by others.
  • You always spawn next to the flag and don’t have to wait to respawn.
  • You can take both flags at any time.
  • The results are recorded on the website http://flagrun.me/ where you also can download demos of the games.
  • Optionally you can protect your name and your results. Register here! You will receive an auth key you simply put into your config and will get logged in automatically when you connect.

The Servers

  • /connect flagrun.me (main server, with voting system)
  • /connect flagrun.me 20000 (you can take master here and pick any map in ictf or ectf)
  • /connect flagrun.me 30000 (you can take master here and pick any map in ictf or ectf)


There will be an eCTF flagrun tournament which will take place next Sunday (23rd August). 1on1 starts at 18:30 and 3on3 mode starts at 20:00 CEST.
Rules, links to sign up and more details you can find here: http://flagrun.me/?page=tournament



  1. Rexus

    Jawer, Jawer, Jawer, Jawer, Jawer, Jawer. That’s all I see. And a few from some other guys :p

    1. Jawer

      They told me to stay calm breaking everything at once, which explains “some other guys” ^^

  2. raffael

    Just that orange..looks a bit gay, other than that it looks good.

    Good job anyway, seems like a lot of work and very useful for new guys or flag-run-noobs like me.
    Cunts don’t appreciate it, ignore them Honzoooo.

  3. Suicizer

    I like this initiative very much. Unlike the “race” mode, it does require skill to actually get somewhere (by timing, trickjumping, etc).

      1. Suicizer

        I know more about skill than you when it comes to trickjumping ;).

  4. Suicizer

    By the way, there’s a servermod by Pisto that changes the capture time of bases. If that would be set to like 100th of a second, you could make a nice base run also.


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