FFA SAUER DUEL RECAP – Welcome to Redon’s Playground

Hello sauer friends,on  3rd of March we had another excited duel tournament. This time was FFA which getting more and more attention. FFA is one of those modes which a lot of people find it difficult. That is in my opinion a wrong stereotype. I am not saying it’s easy but I don’t see the big of the deal. The big difference between effic for example and FFA, in my opinion is, in FFA it’s seems herder to do a come back. On the other side,if you think about it, it’s hard to do a come back in effic too but at least you can enjoy some kills. Anyway, enough with the big talks. The tournament followed the standard format. For those who aren’t familiar with it, we have winner bracket and loser bracket. All the games are best of one. In winner bracket you can go all the way to the finals playing less games. That meas you are less tired. If you lose a game, well… you go to loser bracket where you have one more chance to go to the finals if you win every other opponent in that bracket. The trade side is, more games. This tournament was excited because all the big FFA names where there. That mean more excited and high quality games. On the other side we had a few new players which is awesome as practise make you better.

The first couple of rounds the less experienced players had a chance to enjoy the duels. Tay|Z had a good game against daemes, I had an enjoyable game against FixxxerSA. Poor Zcrone friend had ping issues and he had to forfeit after his game with raffael and master was unlucky to face Frosty.

On the loser bracket we had the first big FFA game between Tay|Z and master on skrdm1. A very risky map for both of them. Master had the control of the game for the first minutes. Leading the score by 7 points. Tay|Z had to play really smart to take the lead on 5:15 by 11-7. From there Tay|Z just tried to keep the difference from his opponent who during the last minutes had a very small come back but not enough to win the game.

On the winner bracket it was time the big names to fight with each other. First big match was the w00p civil war. For a strange reason Honzik and Raffael always face each other on FFA tournament early. As expected the first couple of minutes the game was really close with score of 6-6 on metl3. On the first half of game Honzik managed to have a good run and build a difference from raffael with 28-19. In the second half of the game Raffael tried to win more yeallow armor and quads to reduce the difference from his opponent. Honzik did a good job to control the pressure from his opponent. Raffael won the last quad hoping to make the come back and win the game but his opponent hide very well.

The next big game was between Lokio and Frosty. I know for sure that Lokio did a preparation for this tournament. I saw him playing some duels with notas. I think he really want to perform well on this tournament and I admire that. The map choice metl4. A very balance map which I personally love it. No surprise here either, the game was really tight for the first minutes where the most excited fight was for the first quad where Lokio was a bit lucky but Frosty didn’t let him to take the advantage out of it. At 6:30  Lokio build a small difference from his opponent but Frosty didn’t surrender. He managed to put some pressure on Lokio . Unluckily for him Lokio won the fights for the last 2 quads and he won the game.

On the other server Honzik after his win against raffael had his second big opponent. On corruption he faced Redon. In the first half Redon managed to win the first 2 quads and build the difference. On the other side Honzik tried to find any strategy to counter his opponent pressure but without result. Redon had the control during the game and he went to the semi finals.

Lokio after his big win against Frosty had to face notas on the way to semi finals. As I said both of them practised together which made this game more interesting. The map choice was metl4. Lokio had the mental advantage after his win on this map. Both of them had furious fights for the first half but none of them had the big advantage. Lokio was kind of controlling the game. The difference between those two amazing players was one quad. Which gave notas the score advantage of the game. Lokio had the last quad but notas hide very well and he couldn’t make the big come back. So notas won by 30-25.

The semi final

notas managed to go to the semi finals and face Redon. The early finals of the game. notas really wanted to make the difference here but he didn’t veto paradigm and that was a mistake in my opinion. Actually, it was a risk which possibly could work out. Redon on the other side did what he knows to do well. A game without mistakes. He never got threatened and he managed to go into the finals.

On loser bracket Lokio managed to win very easily his opponents Raffael and Frosty . He had to face notas again for the loser bracket final. This time the map choice was hades. Funny enough I saw them practising this map before the tournament. Again this was a close game. First half and the score was 16-15 which explains everything. For the most part of this game Lokio had a small advantage. Only at the 2 mins notas managed to make it equal. Lokio on the other side got a bit of score advantage again and by hiding during the last seconds hopped to win the game. Luckily for notas, he won the last fight in the tunnel and the game went to overtime. Where 1 quad was enough to give the victory to notas.

The finals

Who went to the final to face the big boss. As finals I was expecting them to be a bit more excited. Redon choose tumwalk as the map of the first game. The whole game was for the first quad. Redon managed to win that first quad and basically win the game. His opponent couldn’t find the solution to the problem and he lost the first round. On the second round notas picked nmp8. A very logical option in my mind as he feels confident and he wanted to make the come back. Redon didn’t had any problem on this map too. He managed to control the game by winning many yellow armours. He actually picked up both the up and the down yellow armour. This made him the big winner of this tournament.

Personally I am happy for this tournament. I got my first FFA tournament win. I saw new players join. Huge bravo to Tay|Z and Lokio and Redon. All of them in my mind had a great tournament performance. I had the chance to watch good quality games as the big names was there.

That it’s from my side. At this point I would like to ask you how you guys saw this tournament? Did you enjoyed it as much as I did?

That’s it thank you guys and see you next time.



  1. notas

    again sorry to my fans for an ultra weak finals performance. first time i didn’t even take a game :S

    great writeup as always and I liked that you went into detail about the raffael honzik game which i didn’t get to see.

    Was great to see brand new players and returning newer players!

  2. h8

    good article. I was watching the stream so did not get to watch games that were on when notas was playing. The article helped me catch up.

  3. h8

    No. of times nmp8 was played in tourney: 2
    Players involved: lokio, raffael, notas, redon
    No. of times the useless 25% of the map was used: 0
    Is or is nmp8 a horrible ffa map? Ispe charcha karo.

    1. notas

      number of years people have been playing nmp8: 11+
      number of years h8 has been playing ffa: idk like 3 max?

      is or is h8 a noob?

  4. h8

    H8 is a noob who thinks he is pro but he also enjoys eliciting responses from notas by saying nmp8 is shit!!


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