DKSC iCTF League May 2015

Important: Obviously the time converter used by DKSC caused some confusion. The time has been changed from 5pm to 3pm UTC.

Since I’m not sure whether or not people use to mind the events in the sidebar, and it can do no harm anyway, here’s another reminder:

iCTF – Sunday, 10th May – 5pm UTC 3pm UTC, 5pm CEST

For further information, including game servers and maps played on: DKSC news, Sauerworld event

Judging from the Challonge bracket, it seems that there is still at least one slot available to sign up for. If you and your clan had not heard of the event before and would like to participate, there is still a chance to do so.

So far, clans that have signed up are: vaQ, DK, RB, !s, rC

IRC: #darkkeepers @


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  1. Hahalloch

    “Important: Obviously the time converter used by DKSC caused some confusion.”

    LOLganisation :D

    2 clans
    2 mix
    1 clan which failed organize team because of the converter used by DKSC
    1 clan not invited, not signed and not even participated clan but still in a bracket, just to look better

    :D :D :D


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