DKSC iCTF Cup October – The Results

After some close and very suspenseful finals, it’s the members of OSH who win this month’s DKSC tournament. The teams earning the second and third place are !s and vaQ, respectively. Full results and brackets can be viewed on Challonge.

We would also like to point two “special features” offered during this tournament:

  1. As you may have noticed (or not, which would probably be even better), this time there was a very effective and (cost) efficient DDoS protection for all game servers. Even though we were warned about an upcoming attack prior to the games, there were no infrastructural problems during all the event.
  2. We’ve had a very nice live commentary provided by Waffles and Vanquish via Twitch. There’s no denying that they did a great job – let’s hope to see more of this kind in future tournaments, too.

A package containing demos of all the recorded matches is obtainable here.

Good job to everyone involved, and stay tuned for any future events that we’ll naturally inform you about.



  1. Agalloch

    Great Job !s], Great games vaQ, woop, DK and everyone. A bit fails but it was ok. Nervosity as it should be :D

  2. Vanquish

    Thanks for a great event! Finally something on a Sunday that I’m actually able to be present for, haha.
    I guess if there’s a demand for coverage then we could do something like this again. The stream certainly had its flaws but since it was the first time Waffles had streamed sauer and the first time either of us had casted it before there were undoubtedly teething problems (most notably was probably the streaming config, which I guess has been resolved now). If there is a next time, hopefully it’ll be a more consistent performance. It might be nice to get some other people to cast too, since it’s boring to listen to the same voices for what must have been well over two hours or so in total.

  3. Nighty

    Great Games guys. Congratz to the wining clans, and also to the members that participated in the tourney :)


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