DKSC CTF Mix Cup March 2015

The Dark Keepers are organizing a 3vs3 CTF tournament open for clans as well as mixed teams on Sunday, 29th March.

Let me just quote their official announcement containing all the important information:

  • 3v3 ctf – the classic shit
  • will be played on: forge, reissen, damnation, tejen and mercury
  • the games are best of 3
  • there are 6 slots available for mixed teams or clans.
  • Message Fohlen, hamon or Fearer to sign up
  • the games will take place as usually at 5PM on 29th of March
  • once ready, /connect 100 – 300

Preferably clans should form a clan slot instead of dividing into different mixed teams. Be sure to join #darkkeepers to keep up-to date


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