Clan Activity – September ’15

September has gone by and quite a few things happened in the clan scene:

– tarantula left sp4nk| and joined vaQ’ (source)

– !s] recruited Terminator (source)

– Cannibal is now part of the rising Cubers‘ squad (source)

The Dark Keepers team also grew by one: Avogadro is now playing for them (source)

– Friteq, Zeus and Sweeper left the Cubestrikers  (source)

– Acuerta left vaQ’ (source)

– Joran left sp4nk| (source)

– Rexus retired from Sauerbraten and left .rC| (source)

Also, bug and hades are no longer in w00p| (source). hades is currently applying for !s] (source); bug got kicked and founded the glory| clan. Their website is currently under construction, but they can be reached in #glory on the GameSurge IRC network.



    1. Agalloch

      and zeus.

      Great time with you guys. Have fun in competitive way! I hope you get a lot of titles on your clans or as clanless!

  1. neon

    Best of Luck 2 Friteq Zeus And Sweep. Have fun And success with whatever you’ll get into next !

  2. Buck

    damn, this is probably the most surprising and unexpected clan activity update I have seen so far :O


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