Clan Activity – 2016

We’ve been sloppy with the clan activity updates in the past months, so this one is long overdue, since A LOT has happened in the clan scene during our last post.

We first of all wish the RED BUTCHERS a belated happy 8th birthday!

Now lets go into recent player tradings, we’ll keep it short this time, if you want to know the backgrounds, we provide links ;)

Hades and Zeus joined !s] (source)

harsh left crowd> and joined !s] (source, source)

Fohlen left =DK= (source)

Smiley left =DK= and joined .rC| (source, source)

PenguinSnuggles joined |DM| (source)

waye left crowd> and joined [tBMC] (source)

GustavoLaPasta joined the crowd> (source)

Frosty left vaQ’ (source)

Agalloch, Ignis, Neon and Tool from former .cS| merged into .rC| (source)

vaQ’ gained 3 new members: Alluro, Pete (ex |DM|) and NRG! (ex |OSH|) (source)

cm| gained a lot of new mappers, too many to be named but we advise you to visit their website anyway! (application forum)

Bug & Rush‘s clan glory| vanished.

And a new clan was born: Sauerworld welcomes the Enigmatic Crew to the scene! Current members are: Frozen, Jumper, MysteryCube, Savi4k and Terence (website)

At last, we have to make a missing persons report. Many of you already noticed that some very prominent services are gone, so



               O Brother

                                    Where Art





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