WC-NG: Black Edition

Hi, I’ve created a mod based off the WC-NG client by Thomas; by importing the code from ComEd/extra-a and combining all of the nice features from all clients into one. It is called Black Edition because the theme is dark. If you are interested in downloading simply click the link below:


Sauerbraten patch January 2018


Because of a somewhat urgent security issue, eihrul issued a patch to the latest Sauerbraten: Collect Edition.

Be advised to update your Sauerbraten biaries both for server and client, as soon as possible.

The major client- and server-mods have been notified and are in the process of updating the source.


Scrooge McDuck: gaming 101

People keep asking me for advice on how to get good, and while there is a lot to getting good (and most of it involves practice) I always first ask about gear. Just like you wouldn’t try to paint a portrait with a paint roller, you need a bare minimum of decent gear to get good at an arena FPS. Somehow, no one ever wants to spend any money, because its a ‘hobby,’ and yet everyone wants ‘serious’ advice to get good... But I’ve been there, and I have the answer! With a very small investment you can put together a setup that won’t hold you back.


Introducing: Discord

A handful of community members have recently been using Discord as a new way of communicating with each other. Thanks to obst, we now have our own server that welcomes all players from the community. We’ve already gained 40+ users in just a few a days. If you wish to learn more continue reading below: