Aequanimitas – map showcase

This map was created on the one of the first ISMC Challenges. This is my first project in which I moved along the way that is close to the true mapping. This is the moment when you completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere and theme that you chosen for youself with the goal of making the project conceived by you as qualitatively as possible. I cann’t say that I managed experience of Japan and their special approach to creating an environment, but I think that I partially understand their style. This map isn’t a complete representation of what a Japanese map should be, but it still good in terms of design. I hope you like it.


Project 1995 (cancelled) – maps showcase

Description from YouTube :

The project was launched in 2013 and used as a base Cube 2 Sauerbraten. The project was inspired by “Picnic on the Roadside” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky and also by game STALKER. The setting was chosen appropriately. Initially, only the single-player mode was planned, but with the change of engine to the Red Eclipse it was decided to do the multiplayer part (Deathmatch, CTF ect).
At the initial stage, the team is not big, but at the end it spread to a dozen people, including a composer and two screenwriters. But because of the poor management in all aspects of development, work on the project was discontinued. Only a few assets remained, while the models were lost.
From the last build, only video footage was left, which I now show (thats why quality of video so bad sorry).
In the future, when I will found our old build for Red Eclipse, I can show you a little more.


Procursu – new TristamK’s race movie

Hello ! TristamK is there.

After many hours of work the biggest update for this race maps pack is done. 46  new maps a ready to be tested by players of Sauerbraten. Some of you will go through all of them. Some of you stop at half. Some, to my deepest regret, will not pass a single one. But I’m sure that these maps will give you a lot of new emotions. In fact, most of these maps will be difficult to pass. Part of them is an experiment. Some of them are transferred from other games. And other maps better not to show people in Cube 2 at all XD.  But like Cooper say “There are some true beauties in it!” so you should try some of them.
Despite the reduced quality by YouTube and some my errors in demos “Procursu” as a race movie should be pleasant to watch.
Link for maps pack is stored in the description. Just unpack them and play. Maps will be uploaded to the race servers ASAP.


An oldie, but goldie!

Soo, once upon a time i saw an OUTRAGEOUS trickjump in Sauerbraten. Back then it wasn’t done in coop-edit, but in normal mode, where they actually waited on quad, climbed to the top and did what I find is one of the coolest trickjumps ever done. But watch for yourself, as !s]starch and me (vaQ’Star) repeated it and !s]Fatality filmed it.