25 thoughts to “Goodbye vaQ’ Clan”

  1. Who can say where the road goes?
    Where the day flows?
    Only time
    And who can say if your love grows
    As your heart chose?
    Only time

  2. this is what happens when you make fragginfucker an honorary member of your clan

    RIP vaQ, thanks for the rivalry

    …on the other hand, you guys once announced that Acuerta had literally died, so I will have to wait to believe this 100%

    1. fragginfucker left us shortly after his inauguration, in order celebrate his love with oo|zero

  3. Unlix is a fat motherfucker who likes niggers! Lol!

    I hate you for excluding me, hf in w00p, bitch!

    1. omfg, i’m so sorry. nice name though, if i just could remember the password of our servers, so i could fix that…

  4. but no shit.. there is a history on owning your asses guys… hope yo own your asses again in future.

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