Q&A – Would you like eihrul to change the healthboost?

Note: This post contains traces of opinion

Lately there has been discussion amongst the FFA community about changing the Health Boost mechanic. With the current mechanic, it is possible and even common to have games decided by the 5 minute mark due to insurmountable health boost leads. This was the case in the deciding map of last month’s Sauer Duels final, as well as countless other tournaments throughout the years. In addition, because the pickup requires nothing more than for you to touch it and die, and because of its open position on many maps, there is a significant amount of luck that goes into collecting it. The health boost on tumwalk, where you can quickly rush it off of any spawn, is a good example. These two factors seem to many to be anti competitive, as they stifle the potential for comebacks, overweight the significance of the first few minutes, and lead to results being too easily influenced by random chance.


WC-NG: Black Edition

Hi, I’ve created a mod based off the WC-NG client by Thomas; by importing the code from ComEd/extra-a and combining all of the nice features from all clients into one. It is called Black Edition because the theme is dark. If you are interested in downloading simply click the link below: