April FFA Duel Tournament

The SuperSauerLeague is hosting another tournament. Following a thrilling CTF cup hosted by DKSC, the SSL crew will be hosting an ffa duel tournament. As usual, an all versus all will determine seeding, but this time the participant list won’t be limited to eight people. More details will come up as they get more information on the number of participants.



Time: April 26th, 6PM CEST 

Map Pool: academy, frozen, elegy, metl3, and hades

Sign-Up: PM swattlellama or Fearer on IRC.

Format: To be determined.

Servers: The servers will again be hosted on both North America and Europe.

Europe: cubeleague.eu (28785), 20000

North America: cubeleague.us (28785), 20000


Here is also a personal note from swatllama:

I’m very willing to duel people on a full game or a few minutes or whatever reasonable length they like and work with them on getting better, giving them tips, advice and analysis on what theyr’e doing well and poorly as long as they keep a good attitude throughout.



You can view the bracket here, as well as the original post which can be found here. We wish all of the participants the best of luck. Happy fragging!


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